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Universal British Directory, 1791

Ampthill, Bedfordshire

A SMALL neat regular well-built town, delightfully situated between two hills; it has two principal streets, crossing each other nearly at right angles. It has a good market on Thursday, and two fairs, the 4th of May and 30th of November; also a statute sessions, for hiring servants, generally a few days before Old Michaelmas. The post goes out every evening, (Saturdays excepted) at 7 o'clock in summer, and 4 in winter; and comes in every morning, (Mondays excepted.) A stage coach goes three times a week, from the Cross Keys, St. John's Street. Also two stage waggons, one belonging to —— Edwards, of Silsoe, which goes twice a week; the other to —— Rock, of Wooburn, once a week; both from the Windmill, St. John's Street. Near the centre of the town is an obelisk, of Portland stone, in which is an exceeding good pump, for the use of the inhabitants, and in cases of fire; erected by the Earl of Upper Ossory, as the inscription on it denotes; likewise the distance from Bedford, 8 miles, Wooburn 7, Dunstable 12, London 45.

Ampthill Park, the seat of the Right Honourable the Earl of Upper Ossory, is a small distance from the town. Here was the residence of the injured Princess Catharine of Arragon, during the period in which her divorce from Henry VIII. was in agitation; to whose memory, in 1774, the Earl of Upper Ossory, in the site of the castle, erected a Gothic column, designed by the late Mr. Essex of Cambridge, to perpetuate the memory of this ill-fated queen, with an inscription.

Here is a school endowed for teaching 13 poor children, and an hospital, with good allowance for 10 poor men, founded by Mr. Stone. The principal inns are the White Hart by —— Cooke; King's Arms by —— Russell, who keeps the post-office. About 1 mile from Ampthill, is the village of Millbrook, the Rev. George Cardale, Rector and Curate; Bedford Houghton, or Houghton Conquest, about 1 mile, is the property of the Duke of Bedford; Maulden 1 mile; Wrest House, Silsoe, about 4 miles, seat of the Marchioness Grey, well known for the very pleasant and extensive gardens; Flitton 2 miles; Flitwick 2 miles, the residence of Dr. Dominiceti: the house is pleasantly situated; it stands in a small paddock on a dry gravelly soil, bordered by a mill and a large mill-stream, and by several farm and other rural houses: the ground is ornamented [vol. 2, page 47] with a good kitchen-garden, fish-ponds of constant moving water at a suitable distance from the mansion. In the environs are several noblemens' parks; the roads are good and dry in winter as well as summer. The doctor has erected a neat and convenient apparatus for the preparation and application of his various artificial medicated waters, vapours and dry baths, internal and external suffumigations, frictions, pumping, &c. for the cure of the scurvy, and other impurities of the skin; obstructions incident to the fair sex; consumptions; dropsies; obstinate rheumatisms; atrophies; contractions; white swellings; scrophulous complaints; fixed pains; ulcers; hysteric and other disorders of the nerves, &c. The following are the principal inhabitants:


Brown Mrs.
Dawson William, Esq. (F.)
Fuveaux Mr. Steward to the
   Earl of Upper Ossory
Hagar Mrs.
Harrison Mrs. widow
James Mrs.
Phipps Mrs.


Hawkins Rev. Mr. Rector
Coles Rev. Mr. Dissenting Minister


Bolding and Son, (F.) Surgeons
Humberstone Laurence, (F.) Surgeon
Maultby William, Druggist


Davis Samuel, (F.) Attorney


Aspray Stephen, (F.) Ropemaker
Beech John, (F.) Gardener and   Grocer
Bowden Henry, Cooper
Brown John, (F.) Grocer and Draper
Butcher Robert, Beeches-maker
Bunge Wm. Butcher and Victualler
Bunker James (F.) Taylor
Carte John, (F.) Plumber, Glazier,   and Painter
Carte Humphrey, (F.) Maltster, &c.
Chettle Joseph, Grocer
Clark Humphrey, Baker
Coleman Francis, Bricklayer
Coleman Mary, Shoe-maker
Exton George, (F.) Draper,
   Tallow-Chandler, &c.

Farnell Charles (F.) Grocer
Farnell William, Brazier
Flowers William, Bricklayer
Flowers Wm sen. (F.) Bricklayer
Gale Tho. (F.) Brazier and Victualler


Gibbs Robert, (F.) Gardener to the   Earl of Upper Ossory
Gordon Ann, Grocer
Gostelow Thomas, Land
   Surveyor and Auctioneer

Greene and Taylor, Drapers
Greene Tho. (F.) Broker & Auctioneer
Handscomb Eb. (F.) Watch and    Clockmaker; sells plate and
   plated goods — also Bookseller
   and Stationer

Hart James, (F.) Joiner
Henson William, (F.) Carpenter
Hollingworth Mary, Cooper & Maltster
Humphrey (F.) and Kent, Common

Morris William, (F.) Baker
Morris John, (F.) Grocer & Ironmonger
Morris John, (F.) Common Brewer
Paddon Mr. John, (F.)
Patch Thomas (F.) Butcher
Paulin Thomas, (F.) Maltster
Phipp John, Stay-maker
Poulton William (F.) Currier
Prentis Elizabeth, Blacksmith
Rees John, Plumber, Glazier,
   and Painter

Roberds William, Taylor
Robinson and Cooke, (F.) Wholesale
   Dealers in foreign Spirits

Smith Anthony, Blacksmith, &c.
Smith Samuel, Breeches-maker
Stapleton William, Shoe-maker
Stone T. B. Drapers
Travell John, Carpenter and Joiner
Vigurs James, Cutler, &c.
Warner John, Laceman
Wheeler John, Basket-maker
White Joseph, Butcher and Victualler
Whitehead Lewis, Plaisterer
Wills William, Breeches-maker


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